Redefine your perception of sound.

Store your entire music collection on Style Jukebox
and play it at lossless audio quality (up to Hi-Res 24bit/192kHz), on all your devices.

Screenshot of Style Jukebox on Windows, iPhone and a Sony Hi-Res speaker

Fill your music library, not your devices.

With Style Jukebox you can backup your entire music collection and have it available for listening on all your devices, everywhere you go.

Stream or download at Hi-Res quality or use on-the-fly transcoding to save bandwidth and local storage.

Screenshot of Style Jukebox for Android and Style Jukebox for Windows Phone

Upgrade your music experience.
Fill your speakers with crystal-clear, high-quality sound.

Don't compromise on audio quality. Style Jukebox plays all your 24bit/192kHz/surround lossless files at High-Resolution audio on your computer and mobile devices.

Learn more about Hi-Res and other audio quality tiers.

Screenshot of Style Jukebox running on iPhone

Listening to music has never looked so good!

Style Jukebox has the right app for you, on all your computers and mobile devices.
Our music apps have a fresh, clean interface, built around the beautiful colors from your album artwork and ultra-high quality in sound.

Screenshot of Style Jukebox running on Windows PC