The complete music experience in High-Resolution Audio.

At home or on the go, your entire music collection is always there.

Fill your speakers with crystal clear, high-quality sound
and rediscover your favorite songs' hidden delights and subtle melodies you never knew existed.



Backup your music collection.

Keep all your music safe and sound at all times. Style Jukebox automatically backs up the music you bought online, the albums you've imported from CDs - even music you create.
Check here the complete list of compatible audio formats.

Style Jukebox privately backs up and stores your music as the original files. No matching is done on our servers, so what you stream / download is exactly what you uploaded.
You own the music, and only you can access it. Learn more.

Screenshot of Style Jukebox for Windows

Import your music to Style Jukebox

Do you have your playlists already organized? Is your music already stored in a cloud service?

You can easily import your music and playlists from iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player or from online cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Learn more

Folder Watch

Managing your library every time you get a new song can be a headache.

With Folder Watch, Style Jukebox will automatically look for changes and reflect them in your library each time you add or remove songs. Learn more

Stream your music, on all your devices

With Style Jukebox you can have 2TB of music available for Hi-Res streaming and save storage on your mobile devices.

To save bandwidth, Style Jukebox can automatically transcode on-the-fly your song and adjust the streaming quality depending on the speakers capabilities. Learn more.

For faster playback, Style Jukebox uses a small fraction of your local storage to cache songs that you play frequently.
Learn more.

Screenshot of Style Jukebox for iOS and Style Jukebox for Android
Screenshot of Style Jukebox for iOS and Style Jukebox for Android

Listen to your music offline

Take your music everywhere you go with unlimited downloading for offline playback (i.e. without Internet). When you're offline Style Jukebox will only show the music that is stored on the device and changes you make to playlists will be synced when you connect to the Internet.

Similar to streaming, on mobile devices you have the option to download more songs locally by choosing a different audio quality in Settings. Learn more.

Always in sync

All your songs and playlists are always synced and available on all your devices. No cables or iTunes needed! Make a playlist on one device and it's instantly updated on your other devices.
Have everything organized everywhere!

When you love music, audio quality matters!

Style Jukebox plays all your 24bit/192kHz/ surround lossless files at High-Resolution audio on your computer or mobile devices. Learn more about Hi-Res and other audio quality tiers.

Style Jukebox is the only cloud streaming service with support for Hi-Res playback for lossless formats like FLAC, M4A - ALAC, AIFF, APE and WAV.
Check this page for a complete list of supported audio formats.

Screenshot of Style Jukebox for Android

On-the-fly transcoding
and resampling

Depending on the capabilities of the device you're listening to music on or network speed, Style Jukebox can transcode your songs to a different audio quality to save bandwidth, local storage or to enable smooth playback when traveling in areas with poor cellular coverage.

Learn how to adjust the audio quality on mobile devices.

10 band Equalizer

Have control over how your music sounds. Tune the sound to suit each song you're listening using the 10 band equalizer available on the Windows app. An equalizer will soon be available on the iOS and Android players.

Support for AirPlay and Chromecast

Pair and Play. All Style Jukebox apps support connecting to wireless speakers using Bluetooth technology. You can also connect to AirPlay using Style Jukebox on iOS/Macs and Chromecast on Android phones and tablets.

Upgrade your sound and music experience now!

Enjoy your music on the go, everywhere you go, with the Style Jukebox apps.

Screenshot of Style Jukebox for Windows, Web, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.